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Everything, Everyone is a Gift.

Take Time to appreciate your blessings!

Think about those words. Isn’t it true that everything and everyone who enters our lives is a gift? Sometimes, teaching us lessons and other times enhancing our lives. The journey of life is a beautiful and colorful rollercoaster ride. At times, this ride can be difficult and painful to embrace and other times simply joyous. We could argue that the painful and difficult situations we encounter along the way might indeed be the most valuable, as we face challenges that push us to grow and learn from experiences. Life is a blessing and a gift which at times can be taken for granted. What we do today matters! Appreciate those you love and those that love you, as tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Take time to spread some love and care for your loved ones. In today’s world we are so focused on rushing from one event to another that we often miss out on the most beautiful moments. Take time to restore and build quiet time into your life without the interruption of social media. The most therapeutic moment you can give yourself is when you’re appreciating the world around you and those in it! Today’s Caring Words are focused towards well-being and appreciation.

Make time for a walk alone or with a loved one.

Sit with a warm cup of tea and share some laughter with a friend or family member.

Make time to play a board game with your children or grandchildren.

Take time to appreciate and then give back to someone who needs you.

Take care of your health and make necessary changes sooner than later.

Start an activity you love and perhaps ask a loved one or friend to join.


Embracing Change isn’t always easy but sometimes necessary in order to maintain healthy relationships with ourselves and those around us.


With ❤︎ for the Elderly… Sylvia

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