Frequently Asked Questions

Can your Medical Assistants help my loved one with Glucose Monitoring?

Yes.  A physician will often require that a diabetic patient monitor their blood sugar daily.  Sometimes up to 4 times a day. Our Medical Assistants can assist clients and/or family members who are unable to monitor their own glucose.



Can your Medical Assistants and C.N.A.’s document daily progress?

Yes. Clients and families sometimes prefer that a chronological log be kept in a notebook for reference and updates on how their loved one is doing.  Our MA’s and C.N.A.’s can document and record daily information as requested.



Can your Medical Assistants and C.N.A.’s help my loved one with bathing, dressing, and other personal care needs?

Yes.  Both MA’s and C.N.A.’s can assist with personal care needs including bathing and dressing to help maintain the highest level of personal hygiene and dignity.



Can your Medical Assistants and Certified Nursing Assistants help my loved one with walking and transferring?

Yes. Statistically, 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 will fall. Our MA’s and C.N.A.’s can offer the assistance needed to promote mobility and reduce the risk of falls or injury.



Can your Medical Assistants and C.N.A.’s provide medication reminders?

One of the most important health related tasks for the elderly at home is to remember to take the right medications at the right time.  Our MA’s and C.N.A.’s can provide reminders and enhance medication compliance for elders who may be living with short term memory loss.



Can your MA’s and C.N.A.’s monitor my loved one’s vital signs?

Yes.  At times it may be required or essential to monitor blood pressure for those living with unstable hypertension or monitor temperatures for clients who are on antibiotics or who are prone to infection.  Our MA’s and C.N.A.’s can perform and record vital signs as needed. 

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I cannot say enough about Sylvia and Embracing Change Home Care. The kind, compassionate care that was shown to my parents for several weeks by Sylvia and Paula was second to none. Sylvia even visited my dad in the hospital when he was there for a brief stay.

The decision to bring a caregiver into my parent’s home was not an easy one, and was met with much reluctance on their part. However, they were soon won over by the wonderful care they received.

I would recommend Embracing Change Home Care wholeheartedly, and am grateful for their wonderful service to my parents.


Sue T. of Middlebury, Connecticut