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In-Home Care Tip — This Friday We Are All Irish.

This Friday is Saint Patrick’s Day. As you sit back and sip an Irish breakfast tea, think of all the good Irish immigrants have done for America. Saint Patrick’s Day is the day to celebrate one of America’s favorite cultures, which has enriched us all for almost the last two centuries. According to the 2013 U.S. Census, over ten percent of Americans, some 33.3 million, have full or partial Irish ancestry. Compare that to the statistic that the country of Ireland itself, accounts for only 6.4 million citizens. In America, we have almost six-fold more Irish Ireland does. We have so many Irish American, that sometimes it feels like we are all Irish — at least on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Although Irish culture is known for its folk dancing — namely river dancing — and delicious food, the roots of Irish immigration to America were not festive at all.

What Was The Root Cause of the Mass Immigration?

Mass Irish immigration to America started with the Great Famine 1845-1852. The famine is sometimes referred to as the Irish Potato Famine. Potato was (and may still very well be) the staple food of the country and during that time Ireland was completely dependent on its harvest. Unfortunately, in 1840s, a plant disease called Late Blight, a water mold, infested and completely destroyed the potato harvest for years.

Upon Arriving in America

The Irish upon arriving in America were very grateful and became American very quickly. The language barrier was virtually nonexistent because they spoke English already — with an Irish accent — but English nevertheless. The Irish were used to hard work. Many labored in coal mines and steel mills of Pennsylvania. Others worked for the railroads, shipping yards, machine shops, and cotton mills of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Many embraced higher education and became teachers, nurses, lawyers.

Irish American Favorite Sons and Daughters

The list of famous Americans who partially identify with Irish ancestry is very long. Here are just some of them:

    • Walt Disney — founder of Disneyland and Disney Corporation,
    • Maureen Down — 1999 Pulitzer Prize winner,
    • Alfred Hitchcock — film producer and director,
    • Gregory Peck — actor,
    • Nellie Bly — journalist,
    • Susan M. Collins — U.S. Senator from Maine,
    • Henry Ford — founder of Ford Motor Company,
    • Herb Kelleher — CEO of Southwest Airlines,
    • Eileen Collins — astronaut,
    • David Selznick — producer of “Gone With The Wind”,
    • F. Scott Fitzgerald — author,
    • Jack Welch — former CEO of General Electric,
    • William J. Brennan, Jr. — Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court,
    • James Comes — FBI Director,
    • Sean Hannity of FOX,
    • Chris Matthews of MSNBC,
    • Bill O’Reilly of FOX,
    • Brian Williams of NBC,
    • Regis Philbin — entertainer,
    • Tim Russert – former host of Meet the Press,
    • Rosie o’Donnell — talk show host,
    • Ed Sullivan — host of Ed Sullivan Show,
    • Mary Harris Jones — known “Mother Jones”, educator and labor organizer,
    • Tom Brady — football player,
    • Woodrow Wilson — U.S. President,
    • John F. Kennedy — U.S. President,
    • Ronald Reagan — U.S. President,
    • George H. W. Bush — U.S. President,
    • Bill Clinton — U.S. President,
    • George W. Bush — U.S. President,
    • Joe Biden — U.S. Vice President.

This is only a partial list of Irish Americans who enriched our country.

Which Irish American historical or contemporary personality is your favorite, and why?

We wish you a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day!

The Irish Sylvia and The All-Irish Team of Embracing Change Home Care!

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Article topic: Home Care, Senior Care, Eldercare, In-Home Care, Caregivers.

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