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People often remind us to treasure the time we have with our loved ones, especially our aging grandparents. Could there be a more urgent reminder?

Today’s Caring Words are truly inspired by the love and admiration I have for one of the most caring and strongest women I have ever met, my grandmother. Her name is Arminda, which means “Golden Mind”. I consider myself very blessed; I still have a loving grandmother who is going on 90 years young this year. She is a mother of 11 children, 20 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. She is an inspiration not only to me, but to every member of our large family.

Arminda’s Daily Routine

Arminda lives in Portugal — a place I call my second home — in a small town, among beautiful nature. She enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables from her garden. She cares for and feeds chickens that roam free. She cares for and keeps her house. I remember when she used to bake the most delicious bread you could ever taste. To stay physically and mentally healthy, she goes on her daily walks with lifelong lady friends. They talk and exchange advise. They share stories while enjoying the scenery, fresh air infused with lavender, and watch butterflies fly from one flower onto another. All this, I believe, contributes to her outstanding health.

I only wish she lived closer but that’s my own selfish need to be near her. They say that you do not — or you cannot — replant mature trees. The tree roots have grown deep into the soil where they seek water, minerals and nutrients. You simply cannot remove those deep roots without damaging them. Why would you anyway? Why would you take her away from her Garden of Eden, where she is surrounded by love and family?

She is a Woman with a Golden Mind and a Golden Heart

I have learned so much from this loving woman throughout my life. She really has a Golden Mind and a Golden Heart. The most valuable of all lessons has been to keep loving life, to keep moving and learning, to keep embracing new challenges, to keep surpassing life’s hardships, and to keep and share a smile through it all. You see, although Arminda, too, has experienced heartache and loss, she still encourages us to laugh, to dance and to live a life surrounded by beauty — not the beauty you buy but the kind you create, together. She truly defines the meaning of: live simply! She has always made time to enjoy family and friends — which demonstrates her life’s priorities. She has shown us that when life experiences knock us down, we get back up — perhaps a little different and a bit wiser, but we keep going and sharing love and smiles. She truly is what I feel and know to be the glue that holds it all together. There is an aura of love and peace about her; she never judges anyone. She takes people for who they are. And although she takes people for who they are, through the sheer power of her love and caring, she touches, changes all of us — for better.

We Cannot get Enough of Arminda

Last year, my children and I spent the entire summer with her. We had a wonderful time reminiscing childhood memories, sharing laughter and just being together.  That was a precious gift that I hold very closely to my heart today and everyday. This summer, I hope for nothing else but to have that opportunity again; the opportunity to be with my grandmother Arminda, to share in laughter and embrace her with love.

My Caring Words, words of encouragement, are this; make time to visit with your loved ones, especially your aging loved ones. Time is promised to no one but the memories and love are forever.

Do you have a grandparent with a Golden Mind and a Golden Heart? Who from your aging loved ones touched you with their love and wisdom? How has that person shaped your life and who you are as a person?

With love for Arminda and your Grandparents…

Article Topic: Home Care, Senior Care, Eldercare, In-Home Care, Caregivers, Home

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I cannot say enough about Sylvia and Embracing Change Home Care. The kind, compassionate care that was shown to my parents for several weeks by Sylvia and Paula was second to none. Sylvia even visited my dad in the hospital when he was there for a brief stay.

The decision to bring a caregiver into my parent’s home was not an easy one, and was met with much reluctance on their part. However, they were soon won over by the wonderful care they received.

I would recommend Embracing Change Home Care wholeheartedly, and am grateful for their wonderful service to my parents.


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