Have you recently walked by your elderly neighbor and thought, “I should really help

Mr. Jones with his snow removal.”  Winter is upon us and presents many challenges

for our elders in the community.  These challenges may include snow removal, illness,

taking in the trash cans and out for pick up, commutes, transportation to doctors and

to the grocery store.   In extreme cases our elderly may even be struggling to heat their

home.  Lending a helpful hand may go a long way in preventing, falls, health issues,

and possible unnecessary accidents. Checking in is the first step in offering support.

Take this time, to ask how they’re doing, and to offer assistance they made need. 


Keep in mind they may turn you down.

So Caring sometimes means Doing. 


Here is an Act of Kindness list that may give you some thoughtful ideas:


  • You see the trash can out and the driveway in slippery conditions, merely walk their

    trash cans in. 

  • I’m running to the grocery store, would you like me to pick anything up for you?

  • I’m going to the Pharmacy, do you have any prescriptions that to be picked up?

  • I’m going into town do you need a ride anywhere?

  • If conditions are too poor to visit, call their home.

  • Bring an afternoon snack or beverage and while you’re there take notice if the home is warm.

A simple inquiry may make all the difference, remember our ELDERLY every day, especially

during these cold winter months.



Thank you for Caring!


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